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Indian Student Club :Garba Rass Event


‘Garba Rass’, an event hosted by the Indian Student Club on October 4, 2009 was a celebration of the Indian festival ‘Navaratri’. It was fun filled evening with dance, music, food, exciting prizes and much more. The event was amazing to watch and more exhilarating to be a part of!

The event started at 7 pm at 4918 N 9th street, Parkwood Recreation centre. The hall was decorated with dupattas (scarfs) and beautiful paintings all around the wall. The Organizers tried to combine our ancient culture with modern Navratri. The Emcee first introduced the new committee members to the audience and then everybody introduced themselves. Then special Indian food from the most renowned Indian restaurant was served. The special gulab-jamun (sweet item) added the flavor to food and crowd enjoyed it.

Finally the emcee announced “Let’s do it” and thus it began, the garba practice. To the uninitiated, garba is a Guajarati folk dance performed during the festival of Navratri. Men and women dance in a circle around a lamp or statue of goddess Amba. It was precisely this art form which our crowd was trying to master.

The group then began. The DJ was rocking with excellent typical garba songs. At first, the group was unsynchronized and there was much hilarity. But soon, under emcee’s guidance, the dancing became more graceful. The ease with which the participants picked up difficult steps was astonishing. They performed a lot of different steps while dancing. At the end, the kind of coordination and mastery which was on display was simply unbelievable. Men and women in traditional colorful dresses danced to their fullest enjoying every moment of the festival on Sunday. Not only Indians but many Americans as well as guests danced and enjoyed to their fullest!

At the end, the emcee announced a future event such as Diwali Night and everyone was excited about it. To sum it up, Garba Raas was a mesmerizing event to watch as well as to participate in.