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Fall 2010 International Coffee Hour

Join us in the Madden Library, Room 2206 (2nd floor, south) for International Coffee Hours hosted by International Student Services and Programs and sponsored by the Library’s Multicultural Program.

2 to 3 p.m. on the following Tuesdays:

September 2010
9/14 Ellen P da Costa Cruz: Brazil
9/21 Dwi Wijaya & Christian Sianturi: Indonesia
9/28 Nataliia Kasianenko & Viktoriia Teliga: Ukraine

October 2010
10/5 Nathan Lyness & Hyunji Kim: East Meets West
10/12 Tamia Ruiz: Ecuador
10/19 Ekaterina Ganzha: Russia

November 2010
11/2 Jai Singh Sidhu: Inside India: Kashmir, Assam and Beyond
11/9 Andreas Torsvik: Norway
11/16 Social Work Faculty & Students: Summer study experience in Bangalore, India
11/30 Leopoldo Villacorta: Peru

The International Coffee Hour’s mission is to bring people from different cultural backgrounds in the world to share the history, customs, economy, culture, and current situations of their countries. The International Coffee Hour is designed for faculty, staff, and students at California State University, Fresno, as well as for people in the surrounding communities.


Date: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Presenter: Ellen P da Costa Cruz, linguistics major

Brazil, the biggest country in South America, is very much a country of contrasts. When someone hears the word Brazil, one thinks of the great Amazon forest, fantastic beaches, great soccer players, Carnival time, etc. Brazil has much more to offer – warm people, fantastic music, great cities, technological developments, a wide range of weather patterns, an awesome mixture of cultures and races – and much more! It is appropriate that the 2014 Soccer World Cup will be held in Brazil,as the game is played to a samba beat that runs through the heart and soul of the entire country.


ICH 2010 continues

In March, the International Coffee Hour moved to countries in Africa.  Starting with ZAMBIA on March 2, KENYA on March 9, BURKINA FASO on March 16 and EGYPT on March 23.

Presenters: Dalitso Ruwe, Joseph Oloo, Palingwinde Yves Ouedraogo and Marian N Mikhael were excellent!  They brought displays, artifacts and pictures to share with everyone.






Burkina Faso

Yves Ouedraogo




This rounds up the ICH in the library but not the semester! 

  • April 13th is Switzerland
  •  Burma on April 20th
  •  New Zealand on April 27th
  •  Trinidad & Tobago on May 4th and last but not least, China on May 11th.

These ICHs will be held in USU room 312.

International Coffee Hour 2010

 The International Coffee Hour (ICH) continues in the library (Studio 2)  this semester.   On February 2, it was LAOS; followed by MALAYSIA on February 9, then SUDAN on February 23.


The presenters: Solomon Xiong, Eugene Ng, Arrol Tiw Jun Jie and Dhruv Doshi were outstanding!  They were knowledgeable, interesting and very enthusiastic about their country. 





Ng and Jun Jie



Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882

Location:  Henry Madden Library (2nd floor)

Date: Feb. 22 to March 16, 2010

On Feburary 24, 2010, AFSA (Asian Faculty and Staff Association) at Fresno State officially openned the Exhibit with a Tea Social at noon. Dr. Franklin Ng was the speaker. About 80 people showed up for the reception.

AFSA Tea SocialOpenning of the Exhibit

The Pursuit of Beauty: California Indian Baskets & The Art of Ansel Adams

PICT0610The Henry Madden Library is a safe haven for history. It houses an array of books that tell of years past, of fallen civilization and celebrated victories. It’s very design, that of a basket to represent the rich native history of the land, praises the details of past years. With the library’s latest exhibit, The Pursuit of Beauty:  California Indian Baskets & The Art of Ansel Adams, however, it can now boast of being one of the most culturally aware building on campus.display

Housed in the picturesque Ellipse room, the exhibit showcases photographs by Ansel Adam, the innovative artist who captured some of the most beautiful shots of the nearby Yosemite Valley ever to be taken, and breathtakingly intricate baskets crafted by California Indians. This blend of seemingly very different aspects of art is what the exhibit calls the “celebration of the land from which they came.” And indeed, as one wanders among the photographs and impressive baskets, one can feel the weight of the history and beauty they represent.

The photos by Adams are all of the natural beauty that can be found through the state, and most focus on the very valley that Fresno State calls home. PICT0648What is most striking, however, isn’t the gorgeous wilderness, but the very honest angles that Ansel used to frame his photos. An onlooker can almost feel the mist on their face as they stare at the photos of the river. This sensation is undoubtedly highlighted by the fact that this same onlooker can see their own reflection when they stare at the photo. They literally look as if they are there in the snow covered valley or watching the sunrise. One of the most interesting aspects of the displayed photographs involves the dates on which they were taken. Photos range from 1919 to 1946 to 1964, across so many periods of turmoil and change in American history. It is almost as if Adam’s photographs are comforting reminders that, even if American’s are fighting foreign enemies abroad or racism at home, the natural, calm beauty of its landscapes is unwavering and infinite.

The baskets, which are encircled by these photographs, are astonishing by themselves. Said to exist to tell “the legend of a people,” they appear to do just that. An onlooker can wander so very close to these works of art, these testaments to a culture so unlike our own, one with its own customs and marvels. It appears as if one recieves a gift of insight when they see the pieces so cleverly weaved.


Speaking of cleverly weaved, one could say the same about the room itself. Designed to mimic they very baskets it now holds, the entire room is surrounded with smooth, sleek, and smart wooden pannels that mirror the strands or raw, earthy materials that weave together to make such interesing baskets. Thus, the entire experience of the exhibit comes full circle.

PICT0615When the producers of the event gave it a name, The Pursuit of Beauty, they must have known that they had, indeed, found it.